Fashion has taken a turn in a whole new direction with the past couple seasons putting emphasis on a concept that at one point couldn’t even exist simultaneously with fashion: Comfort.

A slew of Birkenstock photos on Instagram have recently been causing more pangs of jealousy than plates upon plates of cronuts (and the occasional abs care of @motivationforfitness and @angelcandices).

There are many fashion gods to blame (or worship, depending on where you stand on the comfort meter) for the rise of knits, linens, rubber soles and other blessings. I thank Phoebe Philo for re-introducing sandals at Céline and, consequently, more frugal fashionistas for taking the high street route in the form of Birks. For the pajama trend, I thank Marc Jacobs – for both Louis Vuitton and his eponymous label’s versions – and Alexander Wang whose way of buttoning down has made us question just how much more we can push the pajama trend.  Sweatshirts have also been making its way back into our wardrobes this time with playful twists thanks to Kenzo and Moschino. And, last but not least, it looks like sneakers will still be ubiquitous this year probably gracing every street style album just as in the past couple seasons. Proof? Karl Lagerfeld just paired his Chanel couture with sneakers so it’s best to believe the rubber soles are here to stay.

I have personally embraced one or two comfort trends. Was never really a bandage dress, clunky platform-wearing person anyway. Birkenstocks are next on my list but they’re incredibly overpriced in Manila so I have yet to own a pair.

‘Til then, I’ll be in these Bedroom Athletics boots. Cute huh?

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