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Yes, it’s a bit late (okay, maybe about 3 weeks late) but better late than never! (Which reminds me, changing mottos this 2013 is a must. How does ‘the early bird catches the worm’ sound?)

Anyway, here are some of my quick tips from my Siem Reap misadventures Day 3:

1) The Old Market is WAY cheaper than the night market.¬†Have I mentioned this in the previous post? doesn’t matter, it’s important I’ll say it again. And anything you’ll find at the Night Market will be available at the Old Market. For real. To me the night market is like a nasty hangover. You have loads of fun at night but regret it in the morning.

2) Shop. Because if you don’t, you’ll end up like me and my best friend fawning over how cheap everything was and smacking each other for not buying enough. Frugality certainly has its disadvantages.

3) Hoard. (just to emphasize #2 and how cheap everything is. Just hoard)

4) Research about the tourist destinations in Cambodia. We didn’t and I just saw Jeopardy (yes, that Jeopardy) with a whole column of questions on Cambodia – about houses on stilts, beautiful buildings and the like – none of which, I saw.

Must go back, if not for number 4 for those cutie patootie elephant pencil cases/pouches I should’ve hoarded.

Top, ForMe | skirt, H&M (feeling inclined to mention a top like this to whatever trip is a must Рsoft enough to feel delicate, striking enough to get noticed; a no-fuss top that instantly makes you feel dressed up. I did feel that despite me having to borrow sandals from my friend because of the untimely demise of my favorite pair of ankle boots. Oh, another Siem Reap misadventure. I did tell you I had lots.)