So it probably wasn’t the most successful trip. But ill tell you what happened nonetheless.

I told my mom to book a trip because – at the risk of sounding shallow and spoiled – I wanted to shop at H&M (for some reason, I thought there was one in Malaysia. Anyway, that’s for a different post.) and I also needed a quick getaway.

So we ended up booking a trip to Singapore first, since we both haven’t been, then to Malaysia.

I didn’t get to do everything in my itinerary for Singapore, but you can’t really blame me. I only had two days to check things off the list and my list was long.   I didn’t get to see Marina Bay and, ummm, the Merlion Park but I did drag myself to other places.

For SG, I decided to skip the tour and make my own route. Hence, the unvisited areas. Still, I was happy with my MRT rides. SG, in all fairness, was really easy to navigate. Went to Sentosa, Orchard road, Bugis, Newton and other unknown areas. haha I didn’t take a lot of pictures though. I was too lazy to. So here are my random shots of the whole SG experience. 🙂

I may not commute in the Pines but I do in other places.
random fact: the commercial for this was starred by Rachel Bilson and was directed by Karl Lagerfeld, creative director of Chanel. 🙂

oooh. Valentino. I finally got to touch a Valentino dress. Pathetic, I know. but still. It’s VALENTINO. haha

they have the most awesome airport ever. Complete with a lounge where I actually got to sleep comfortably – something that never happens to me in an airport.

Speaking of airports, check out my heel. This made all the metal detectors go off. Hassle. I had to wear this pair to the airport though because the strap of my flats broke and I didnt have any other pair with me. Good thing I bought shoes in SG!

Check out the menu – Pig’s Organ soup, Pig’s Kidney soup, Pig’s Liver soup, Pig’s Stomach soup. I die.

My only outfit post. Commuting and walking made me look so haggard I’d really rather not share anymore pics of myself.

Anyhoo, I enjoyed SG despite only spending 2 days there. It was clean, safe and the food was really good. 🙂 Will post about Malaysia next. 🙂