There comes a time in a blogger’s life (called summer) when a blogger faces the dilemma of posting things far too reminiscent of underwear.

Remember in Mean Girls when the Plastics taught us Halloween is the one day in a year girls are allowed (sometimes even expected) to dress like sluts? Well, I think Regina George’s logic is getting a bit outdated ‘coz summer is even worse. It’s a three-month-long excuse to parade one’s behind around in the pretense of wearing a “bikini.” I do not know  (for lack of motivation to research) precisely when bikinis started looking less like decent cover ups and more like your typical under-wired, push-up-ping devices much more akin to a Victoria’s Secret angel’s wardrobe than, say, 90210’s. (Okay, terrible reference, but it would have to do.)

Maybe the likes of Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr and Heidi Klum are really to blame for instilling in our minds that the more we look like we’re strutting on a VS catwalk, the better. The idea of becoming a beauty queen – once the dream of every girl (still is for Honey Boo Boo, but she’s a special case) – has now been replaced by a dream to walk the infamous show decked in whatever themed/seasonal costume that most likely has the word “PINK” slapped across it.

Now, as a bikini-fan, I embrace the many, many bikini options thrown my way. I also embrace and allow myself to be embraced by ones with wires and pads though, admittedly, most of them are starting to look more like brightly-colored bedroom-exclusives to me. I guess it all boils back down to the unrealistic standards set by these super-hot supermodels though. So lingerie-looking or not, I’m pro-anything that makes a girl feel beautiful and proud of the skin she’s in.

But for this blog’s purposes, we go back to said conundrum above. There comes a time when a blogger feels that posting things reminiscent of underwear is a dilemma. Then there comes another time (called the after-math of Boracay), that she just does.

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