Let’s talk prom. While most references to puberty are cringe-worthy, I figured not everyone’s prom is tainted with awkward adolescent memories. So if you were prom queen/king enjoying every minute of the night we had to act poised and reserved as teenagers, then good for you. Mine wasn’t as squeaky clean as my future self would’ve wanted it to be – there were terribly awkward prom photos with a date that I fortunately didn’t have to ask. My school demanded that we go with classmates (solely) which saved me from asking people from neighboring schools. It didn’t make for beautiful memorable photos though but it’s not like my high school look was something I’d want to remember either.

But I’m losing track of the point here. I got this dress for ┬ásuch a steal at Topshop (it was on sale for about 70% off) but, admittedly, was somewhat blinded by the price. I didn’t realize how prom-looking its poof can be. Still, despite all prom horror flashbacks, I realized I like this dress – the silhouette’s young but the fabric is so intricate and the muted color adds sophistication.

Maybe I should wear this to the next party I know would be awesome and make new prom memories – or at least fool myself into doing so. Selective memory is a pretty consistent brain feature of mine.

Dress, TOPSHOP | Pumps, NINE WEST | Bracelet and ring, CHARMING CHARLIE