Denim polo, NIMA | Butterfly high waist shorts, SM GTW | Boots, PARFOIS | Bag, CHARLOTTE RUSSE | Bobbies, GOODY

When I’m stressed – a state I find myself in a little too often of late – my default is to wear no-brainer outfits – hence my denim polo+shorts+boots+messy hair ensemble. Just make sure that each piece you throw in the mix has character to avoid looking sloppy.

The shorts, for instance, in this beautiful butterfly print, give the look a more romantic feel. While the authentic-looking polo offsets it with its ruggedness making the look – as a whole – unpolished and rough.  But obviously, there are so many ways to play with these pieces and you can just mix it up yourself depending on your personal style, of course. So here’s where to get them. 🙂

The shorts are from SM GTW‘s new back-to-school collection which is bohemian inspired. They offer pieces in florals, pastels, tribal and butterfly prints (like mine!). Different textures are also at play with lace, sheer chiffons and denims. Mix these up for a sure stand-out moment in school. 🙂

Oh, and when you shop at GTW, make sure to grab a copy of the GTW Shopzine at the department store to get a P100 discount coupon. 🙂

Now if it’s my polo that you like, you can check out ZALORA – they carry NIMA and a whole lot of other brands. And because I love you, I’ll give you a code that gives you 10% off total purchases from Zalora. 🙂 All you have to do is key in my code: ALAPID62 on the purchase page. And if you wanna shop more than the polo (now that there’s a discount!), I suggest you also check their Fashion Night Out page – made specifically for girls who are looking for that perfect night out piece. Happy shopping guys! Let me know if you’ve used my code! 🙂 | | | |

p.s. me wearing these butterfly shorts is so apt for the butterflies I feel are making somersaults in my stomach. The competition on Saturday is driving me insane. I hope everything turns out okay. Update you soon. 🙂