Here’s part two of my denim find showcase. I’ve been resisting the urge to keep wearing this top (as I just blogged about it last week) but I figured there’s no point counting down the days ’til it’s socially acceptable to repeat. Honestly, even with the blog I forget which outfits I already wore and since I gravitate towards the same things/looks, I end up wearing pieces more often than what Rachel Zoe would advice.

I easily tire of things too so using them while I still like them is to me called value for money. Cost per wear feels like financial prison when one keeps wearing something one has fallen out of love with for the sake of justifying a purchase. (Is it just me? Or does fashion really sound like a relationship? See love letter to shoes here).

It’s been raining a lot lately so I took sunlight as a big blinding (not to mention, yellow) go signal to bring out these new cherry platforms. Haven’t worn anything this high in a while and I felt a little wobbly in them. I still don’t get why people find platforms more comfortable than single soles when platforms trigger a keener (but tiring) sense of disaster avoidance (i.e., being acutely aware of pebbles, stones, road bumps – basically anything that isn’t flat) for fear of falling. Again, maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, if there’s anything I want this blog post to impart it’s this: who cares if you blog about the same piece twice (or more) in a row? I don’t. You love, you blog. It really is that simple.

At least I think. Anyone wanna validate it? (And by it I mean me.)

p.s. Tell me, which repeat denim look did you like better?