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Coffee dates are tete-a-tetes I always look forward to. First, there’s caffeine. I don’t know about you but I drink about 3 cups of coffee daily because, #ICantDeal. So a coffee shop setting where somebody else is making aromatic and strong coffee for me is always better than making myself an ice-cold (instant) cup. Though most days, I really don’t mind. Second, the ambiance is perfect for talking and catching up and there’s nothing I enjoy more than getting to talk to friends one on one. My only child syndrome is in full throttle in person. Third, everything is Instagrammable (especially the slices of cake) although I don’t really snap shots from coffee houses. Interestingly, I do see a lot of folks patiently styling product shots and it amazes me how much they are willing to do for the Insta – even somewhere as public as a Starbucks.

This set of photos marks the 3rd layout from our shoot with Rags 2 Riches for their latest Viaje collection which also means I’m nearing the end of my R2R series. No more smiling photos in the next few posts. And no more BFF photos.

Speaking of friends, Danika and I have been friends for about 9 years now. We were batchmates in college and were part of the same dance org back in my nimble, streetdance days. We only got closer when we both started blogging but still, we found it funny when we learned that the owner of Rags 2 Riches was impressed with the photos because we looked like genuine friends. (Well, that’s ‘coz we are, Reese!)

It’s currently 1:00 AM and I have half a cup of coffee beside me – what’s left of my third serving for the day. So not only is it real that we are actual friends, us clutching our coffee cups for dear life is a faithful representation of how we both are in real life as well.

Photography by SHUTTERPANDA