Alyssa Lapid 3I’m always jumping at the chance to work with different people and try out different things. I’m typically safe in my everyday choices – in life and sartorially. Even with food I don’t stray from my tried and tested restaurants and fail-safe dishes. But when opportunities are thrown my way I tend to grab them. Last week I got the chance to shoot with fashion photographer Ronan Capili. We spent 5 minutes at most taking photos and it was so light and easy I’m glad I made my way to the shoot. I did manage to get lost in a pretty straightforward route and had anxiety over which lane to take but eventually ended up exactly where I needed to be. Driving is so stressful.

To make things a little more interesting, I also traded my sandals for sneakers, specifically, singer Demi Lovato’s new Colorful Comfort collection for Skechers which have memory foam so they were particularly comfortable. I’ve always admired people who could wear trainers and still look stylish I just never thought I’d do it myself. To inspire the outfit, I even created a Pinterest board (here)¬† – my preferred solution to all creative blocks. Breaking the stereotype that sneakers solely equate to sporty looks (pun intended), pink was the obvious feminine choice. In hindsight, I didn’t intend to look like a sorbet but if that’s the vibe you’re getting I won’t refute.¬†This new Demi Lovato collab pair actually reminds me of a cross between blueberry yoghurt and spun cotton candy and reminders of ice cream variants/sweets are always welcome in my book.

Photography by Ronan Capili

Top and Skirt from SM WOMAN | Sneakers by SKECHERS