December is a month I look forward to for many reasons – the happy mood that everyone seems to be in, the shopping frenzy, finally having an acceptable excuse to pig out, the decors and the additional paycheck (paycheckS for the luckier ones – 14th/15th month pay? That’s a whole quarter more.) I’ve also always looked forward to Christmas dressing. Usually associated with the weather but in my head translated onto comfortable, shiny, and sometimes even kitschy garments (think reindeer prints and an abundance of glitter).

Mostly though, I look forward to wrapping myself up a bit more. Knits and sweaters are like hugs to yourself – you can’t help but feel good in them. Though I’ve been wanting to wear them for a while now, eyeing my stack every so often, it’s only now that I’m feeling the Christmas breeze. Still not enough to keep from sweating under the afternoon sun but breezy enough to justify the thick chunks you’d be subjecting yourself to. So happy to have gotten this beautiful 60s inspired sweater from NAVA. I have a certain fixation with the 60s and this black and white combo is a perfect addition to the swinging collection.

In just a few days though, my collection of garments will be open for your purchase again in the 6th installment of Bloggers United! Can’t believe it’s already BU’s 6th run and we all look forward to the event – meeting you guys is always a wonderful experience and I personally can’t wait to see you guys. I’ll be boothmates with my good friend again, Danika Navarro of Hello Rio, so please do drop by our booth, we have a lot of good stuff waiting for you.

Speaking of Danika, her brand NAVA will actually be participating for the very first time with a special 10% off promo for BU shoppers. It’s where I got my gorgeous sweater and I can’t wait to shop there again. So mark both our booth and the NAVA booth on your itineraries.

I’m also giving away 20 tickets to Bloggers United! I’m choosing a different set of 5 winners each from twitter and instagram. Winners get 2 tickets each! You can join either the Twitter or Instagram giveaway (or both). But please only tweet once! All you have to do is:

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See you there!

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