It seems like my list of dream countries gets longer each time someone asks. Blame it on social media and blogs for opening up whole new worlds for me to see and dream about. Blame it on growing up and wanting to experience things other than H&M shopping (my sole reason for going to Malaysia 2011).

Have you asked me dream destinations a couple years back my big three would have been solid – Egypt for the pyramids, Greece for the Parthenon and Santorini and Cambodia for Angkor Wat. Now that Cambodia has been ticked off my list I know I should be replacing that one slot with my top 4 and working my way to visiting the untouched and unrealized top 2. But for some reason, the top slots are all being jumbled up like some randomized Lotto list– exhibiting either the wishy-washy person that I am or the fact that there are too many beautiful places in the world that deciding which to see first is becoming too difficult.

So let me give you a new list of places – in no particular order – that I need to visit soon.

Marrakech, Morocco


For some reason, even if I’ve never been, Morocco is a place I seem to reference a lot. “That’s so Moroccan!” is used to pertain to a house, a setting, even a carpet even if I know that the reference is about 70% based on imagination and not fact. I feel like aside from the place being absolutely photogenic, it will be so vibrant and cultural as well. I honestly never used to like ethnic stuff but I would like to believe Morocco would be teeming with ethnic pieces – rugs, tables, spices, etc. And I would love to witness and be eternally inspired by all that.

Istanbul, Turkey


If I imagine Morocco to be a mishmash of reds and yellows, I imagine Istanbul to be a sea of blues. Been seeing it all over social media and it’s surprising how many people are actually heading here and how many tour groups are offering this country. A devious plan of mine is to see which areas tour groups are taking tourists and maybe device an itinerary of my own. I already know where to book my hotels anyway (

Mexico City, Mexico


Maybe it’s the dream of munching on tacos all-day, everyday or the idea of salsa accompanying every single thing I eat, but Mexico is such a mysterious place in my eyes and mystery is always something that curious people need to satiate. It’s not just the food, it’s the culture that I want to experience and, if I’m being completely honest, the experience of Mexican beaches.

The reasons may not be justifiable enough to have this strong an itch to see these countries, but it’s my itch to scratch and manage. I just can’t wait to fulfill my travel dreams of hopping on a plane to any of these destinations and when I do, you’ll definitely be the first to know if they meet the standards of my imagination.

Istanbul photos from GaryPepperGirl; Mexico photos from ThatsChic; Marrakech photos from Pinterest