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Photos by Bjorn Bedayo

Having ordered them just a couple weeks back, the cost per wear on these Aldo boots is already getting pretty low. Just goes to show I am either 1) a brilliant shopper or 2) an overabuser. And everything points to the second with the strongest evidence being this Margiela H&M bag that has been on every post here since purchase.

A quite similar outfit has been Instagrammed (read: beanie + top) but I found the need to wear a sister outfit for the sake of having it photographed because, yes, my need to take outfit shots occasionally governs my days. Looks like 2013 = dedicated blogger Alyssa. Let’s see how long that will last.

Also, if you must know I happen to love all the pieces in this outfit – for different reasons that will probably be unveiled in different blog posts. Two elderly ladies stopping me mid-shopping to ask where I got my beanie (Cotton On, girls) is affirmation enough. Looks like by the end of the year (or month) all items will have incredulously low costs per wear.

I, therefore, take above statement back. I am a genius shopper.

Top, KASHIECA | Skirt, SM GTW | Boots, ALDO | Beanie, COTTON ON | Bag, MARGIELA for H&M | Rings, H&M