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My recent trip to Vietnam wasn’t entirely for pleasure (although I did revel in the time I got off from the noise here in Manila), I also snuck in a bit of work. I recently collaborated with designer and friend Teena Sabrina Tan for her eponymous RTW line with the sole task of interpreting her gorgeous dresses all throughout my trip. So whether I was at the beach in a long gown or in the more luxurious corners of Saigon, I found a Teena Sabrina piece to match my mood and setting. And I’m kicking the first one off right now.

This blue maxi dress was easy – both to figure out and wear. Since the first day in Ho Chi Minh was spent touring the sites and going to the famous shopping market, I chose the blue dress to match the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh and the different yet seemingly cohesive elements that the city boasts of. From your street food vendors selling Vietnamese cuisine scattered around each block, to the millions of motorbikes ready to rip you apart should you cross a second too late (or too early), to the fusion of different influences both in harmony and in stark contrast against each other (read: French-inspired buildings in the middle of Oriental Saigon and Russian speaking Vietnamese cab drivers) – all the contrasting elements seemed to have a cohesiveness to them much like this printed dress. Seemingly busy with its multitude of colors but is kept in check by the simple silhouette.

So excited to share the next 3 looks that I’m thinking of doing back to back posts tonight. Or maybe it’s the anticipation of my birthday (hint: tomorrow) that’s getting me all ecstatic like an overexcited puppy. Birthday or no birthday though, memories of Vietnam are an absolute pleasure to relive and I had an amazing time meandering the streets in beautiful dresses. My favorite look to follow.

Meanwhile, greet me? Subtlety, isn’t my strong suit apparently.

Dress, TEENA SABRINA TAN | Bag, COACH | Sunglasses, FORME 

This post is the first of four in partnership with Teena Sabrina