outfit ph by Paul Chuopoco

I will always be enchanted by anything Egyptian and, separately, Proudrace. Having Proudrace come up with a collection with what seem to be Egyptian hieroglyphs and marry two things that I love happened to get me too early on my feet scouting the racks for just the perfect piece I could take home (I ended up getting two). Been waiting for the best time to use this top out, I was thinking Bloggers United 5 but that’s a little too long a wait. Figured I’d wear with it – to a Forever 21 event – what is probably my most memorable Forever 21 purchase – a skirt I hunted down back in 2004 when Mean Girls was first released. I still believe that this is the exact same skirt Regina George wore on the poster (but since my skirt isn’t fully seen in this post, I won’t push it.)  

Had a blast at the event – the show had this adorable 3-year-old that went stomping her way through the catwalk. The looks were styled real well fully showcasing the innumerable trends offered by Forever21. You can never go wrong in that store especially now with two floors full of goodies making you feel like a child in a candy store. I’m 100% certain you’ll find whatever it is you need. If, by any chance, you don’t need anything, you’ll most likely end up with a bag full anyway.

Below are some snippets from the show and items I loved just to give you a teaser of what to expect from their newest branch in the newly opened SM Aura.


IMG_4695 IMG_4722IMG_4729IMG_4712IMG_4731