I love H&M. And I love Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Therefore, I love the new capsule collection of H&M for GWTDT. Okay, maybe it doesn’t really follow, but I did see pics of the pieces already and I must say, I really do love it!

I’m not the type to come up with a Christmas wishlist, but now I know that I need at least 1 piece from this collab.

check out more stuff here at fashionista.com

If you guys haven’t read the book Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yet, I suggest you run to the nearest bookstore and buy it. or if you don’t like reading, there’s always the movie.

The collection for H&M inspired by this is coming out on Dec. 14. Hopefully, it comes out in Michigan too so I can grab myself a piece…or two.

Speaking of pieces, those above are my personal favorites. I know most of them are too edgy for my style but STILL. *my style is evolving, remember?* haha Let’s just hope the reception to this is better than that of the Versace X H&M collection. I heard there were a lot of returns for that. 😐

Really do hope I get my hands on something from this capsule! 🙂

now I really have to sleep. early shoot tom. 😉