Not knowing where (nor how) to start this blog post, let me just introduce a furry friend I made. Everyone, meet Sebastian.


Sebastian, my friend Cola’s puppy, is probably the cutest puppy to drop by yesterday’s impromptu open jam, KickIt360 at the BGC ampitheater. I promised to talk more about work so this is me keeping that. Us crazy folks from Platform 360, being at the Fort, decided that throwing some sort of open jam was a logical thing to do. I personally feel that the impromptu session was brought about by 1) having absolutely nothing else to do but drink Jamba Juice and eat (widening waist lines and, by contrast, slimming down wallet bulks – both of which I frown upon), 2) being able to tweet and ultimately convince apparently very agreeable (not to mention very talented) DJs and 3) (this I pin entirely on them), probably a delusion/seeing the fountain as a mirage for the beach and thinking that, like Boracay, an outdoor, random day party was not only plausible but necessary.

But hey, it worked. Deuce Manila, Nix Damn P, Motherbasss, Wreck-One and Euric played (in that order) while hip-hop kids were Step-Up-ing their way from 4pm til 10pm drawing the crowd to the periphery of – and sometimes in-  the actual circle.


On a fashion blogger note, this outfit seemed reminiscent of what I would probably wear to a Coachella. Minus the sparkly headband and the (unseen) heels. Wouldn’t want my heels to get swallowed by dunes nor rid of its leathery goodness via sand scrub.

More than music festival outfit musings though, I actually wanted to pose a question. I had tons of fun at the pop up party and if I let you know when we plan a next one, will you go? Will you? The event totally hinges on your answer.

Dress, H&M | Bejewelled headband, FOREVER21 | Sunglasses, FORME 

kictit360Meet the crazy team behind it. (l-r): Banj Albano, Nikki Viola, Gerry Robinson, Ericka Bugia and myself

P.s. the consecutive hashtag titles have come to my attention, don’t worry. Think I’m too in tune with the Twitter language I might just be forgetting how to converse in real life. 

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