Terribly missing the snow.

the window’s view from our home in Michigan

I miss the snow, the place and, of course, the people. Soon. 

Despite missing it, I’m also dreading the freakishly cold weather. It’s always freezing there. So… I’ve been on the lookout for the best weapons, especially considering how tiny I am and how easily I get cold. And guess what I’ve found? The CHUNKIEST (not to mention fashionable) knits to keep me warm this season. <3 Oh and you know what, I got them all in one store!!! <3

Clockwise: Peppermint Knit Hoodie, Mustard 3/4 Knit Sweater, Sky Blue Polka Dot Skirt and (i dunno how to describe it) an intricately weaved bandage skirt.  Both skirts can double as tubes too! How cool is that?

I cannot wait to wear all of these. They will definitely be abused ’til after the Christmas season. 😉 Thank you, NAVA, for always having what I need. and want.

I suggest you all visit a NAVA store near you if you’re looking for chunky knits to keep you warm this Christmas or if you want something chic to wear for your next holiday party. 😉