Exhibit A: Yesterday my mom (lovingly) called me a shopaholic. And for good measure. In my defense, I was helping her find a purse and, mind you, her directions were confusing. Other than this occasion when I was being charitable sharing my expertise and unrivaled patience in scrolling pages and websites on end for vaguely similar looking items only to be dejected at every potential offer, I can probably be deemed as such. I do it for myself every so often- most of the time ending with an empty cart but the thrill of the search is real.

Exhibit B: I texted my S.O. at 3 in the morning saying “I think I overbid on eBay.” Granted, it was my first discovery of the site and Sophia Bush just dumped around 1,500 amazing items for charity so I was a little bid-happy. Now I’m kinda hoping that someone greedier than myself would outbid me on some of the pieces. We’ll see in 5d 7h and counting.

Point is, I do know my websites and my sales and I get a rush when opening beautifully packaged items and stripping tape off boxes. It’s fun. So just imagine my delight when I got the new Tory Burch Robinson Pebbled Mini Satchel in the mail. Of course I took to Snapchat but my joy was much more tactile to those around me IRL. I got it in Manila, took it to roam around the city, and then flew it cross-atlantic to the other side of the world to accompany me back home. When I was choosing which bags to bring stateside, the Robinson was an easy choice.

The bag, named after Tory’s parents, Buddy and Reva Robinson, is a compact yet roomy purse that can be worn as a sling (not pictured) or lugged around as a cute little satchel. Its leather is soft and textured and the bag has two secret pockets perfect for throwing in short-lived trinkets like parking tickets and change- an added bonus in my book. We all know rummaging through a purse for tiny items mindlessly thrown in is an exercise in itself. The bag comes in other colors too (see below) like the Riviera Blue, Sunbeam (a soft buttery yellow, my second favorite), Tiger’s Eye (brown), and Poppy Red.

I’m a sucker for bags. I always try to rationalize my love for them (and for buying them) but I always end up logically rebutting my own self that I have but one body. How many handbags can I really carry/own in one lifetime. (Full disclosure: the answer to the former is miniscule compared to the unparalleled potential of the latter. Oh, to own hundreds of bags! And shoes! That’s the dream, no?)

If your fashion/closet dreams are even remotely close to mine, this buy is a good place to start. You’ll be a hoarder (in the hundreds of items) in no time.


Grab your own Robinson bag here (p.s. it’s on sale).

For Manila readers, visit Tory Burch in Greenbelt 5.