It’s out! It’s finally ouuuuuuuut. :)) Thank you to Tracy Ayson for telling me about it. Apparently, the videos for Nivea have been on repeat during Bloggers United 2. 🙂

So… here it is. 🙂


Despite not enjoying hearing myself nor seeing myself on video, I am extremely thankful for this -and for the amazing support I’ve been getting from everybody. I posted it and the number of likes, comments and shares have been overwhelming. I didn’t realize I had that much people behind me. so, to each and every one of you, from the bottom of my *deep deep* heart, thank you.

I feel like the universe has been on my side and has been granting all the wishes I can cook up. Thank you, G, for all the blessings I’ve been given. May you never get tired of showering me and the people around me with more. 🙂

and THANK YOU, NIVEA, FOR THIS AWESOME OPPORTUNITY. <3 Special thanks to: RJ Solis, Raisa Mislang, Mikki Galang. Thank you to Patricia Prieto,  (you know why. I love you.) She’s one of the most humble girls I know and she really does share her blessings. <3 and super kaduper thank you to Jeff Cape (you also know why.)

 I cannot be more grateful for this. Thank you. and to everybody who watched the video, liked it, or who gave me awesome words of encouragement, thank you.

Just being in the same project as Martha Sta. Barbara, Shen Gee, Lissa Kahayon, Jackie Go and Vern Enciso is frikkin overwhelming! KALURKY!!! so thank you to everybody who made this possible. 🙂

With the girls I definitely look up to: Martha, Shen, Lissa, Jackie, *myself*, Vern

and here’s a screenshot of the NIVEA APP. 🙂

 Every word I said in the video is true. I firmly believe in following your dreams and doing what makes you happy. As cliche as the advice ‘follow your heart’ may seem, I think it’s the only way to truly achieve happiness.

sorry for the emo post. i just had to.haha