Beatles shirt and boots, FOREVER21 MEN | skirt, PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE | Earrings, CHARLOTTE RUSSE | Ponytail, GOODY 

Photo by Hannah Reyes

I really do find comfort in menswear. Actually, of all things loose and flowy. There’s something about a loose piece that decreases self-consciousness – 1) it lets you breathe normally without need for constant belly-sucking and ab-flexing; 2) it lets you salivate over the fattiest of foods and actually give you enough guts to eat whatever cholesterol-induced meal you wanted; and 3) it makes you feel extra skinny for the sole reason that it seems big.

So there you go. Truth is, I made all those up just now. The real reason I like them? They remind me of blankets and, consequently, beds. HAHA kidding! those were legit reasons.

I find comfort in all things loose. This is a (very short) testament to that.