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There is nothing more exciting than being able to get outfits for free. No, not because they’re sponsored as you might have prematurely guessed (dispelling blogger myth #2,456,912) but because you get to dig through a treasure trove in the form of your mom’s old closet and find pieces that fit and are current. Thanks to fashion being cyclical, you’re bound to find pieces that are “now.”

I mentioned getting a bunch of denim skirts recently. What I really meant is that I think I just inherited the raddest collection of denims from all shapes and washes. Thank you, house, for always surprising me with things I would’ve never expected in nooks and crannies I would’ve otherwise overlooked. The denims need thorough washing and some repairs here and there but I’m not complaining. I’m not particularly one to shy away from holes in my pockets especially in the presence of unique, covetable pieces.

I’m riding this obsession until it wanes organically. I’d wear my new-old denim finds every day if I could but that would bore both you and I and I wouldn’t want that.

Threw in my new Neon Island Bananarama clutch to pack a punch and break the monotony a bit. So obsessed with their new prints. I also think the faux fruit reminder is helping me eat the real, flesh ones. So for the healthy and fashionable add-on, I will be forever grateful.