It’s taken me a while deliberating whether to post about the recent tragedies  (still ongoing, I fear) in the Philippines or not. I feel absolutely useless and most of the time fidgety reading tweets halfway around the world with absolutely no way of helping aside from retweeting. This post is not going to be a directory of relief operations/twitter accounts to follow to keep updated. (If you want lists of where/how to help, check out these blog posts by Kryz and Danika.) This post is a personal prayer which you are absolutely welcome to share.

Dear Jesus,

Another Ondoy? 

I was talking to a friend and he had an awesome point. Acco. to the news the damage of this monsoon isn’t as intense as that of Ondoy’s. Is that comforting? The knowledge that the numbers are lower? Yeah, to some extent.  To those who were only slightly affected/not as affected as before, a sigh of relief is probably due – ‘thank God it wasn’t as bad.’  (And yes, I guess a thanks to You is in order, for sparing more people.) But I can just imagine the pain of those affected – such a traumatizing ordeal of seeing their houses, their possessions, life-long savings, even pets, engulfed by water. Numbers will not comfort them. 

but oh, how You turn normal people into heroes! and over Twitter! I’ve been  seeing so many people stepping up in organizing relief operations, utilizing what resources they have to lend a helping hand, storming groceries to get goods to donate, and even individuals acting as rescue-coordinators making sure each and every person reported is, indeed, helped. 

And I find it absolutely amazing, how everybody seems to be #prayingforthephilippines. Goosebumps. 

But more than praying for the Philippines, which I know will (should) go back to normal – water levels will go down, streets will hopefully soon dry up, and houses can be rebuilt (albeit after a long time) – I pray for the Filipino. 

J, the Filipino is a rare soul.  A Filipino puts everything aside to help others when needed, lends a helping hand without hesitation, and, as we’ve witnessed several times already, every Filipino becomes a hero. My favorite proof of the Filipino spirit? The fact that they still smile and wave to the cameras in the midst of tragedies. Because of these it has even been said that the ‘Filipino spirit is waterproof.’

But even if as a nation that seems to be the case, and even if I admire this trait of the Filipinos so much, I also know that spirits can be dampened. There is such a thing as too much. Houses can be rebuilt much, much easier than lives can. I pray for the Filipino, J. I pray that the pain of this tragedy will not be too much too bear. I pray that those affected find the strength to go on and if they do have to start over, the grace to do so. I pray that whatever tragedy comes their way they find the will to keep fighting. More importantly, I pray that they keep going through life with a smile plastered on their faces with their heads held high with the belief burning in their hearts that no matter what happens You will make things okay. Keep that famous spirit alive. 

No more disasters please? I think we’ve had more than enough. This goes for every other country as well. Keep your people safe. Please.

I love you. Amen.

p.s. Sorry for questioning the tragedy. 🙁 

No matter how many gold medals the Philippines wins in the Olympics, I will never be more proud of the Philippines than I am now.