Spent a day in Marina Bay Sands but ended up with more photos than the rest of the days combined so a solo diary is a must. A full day is just enough time to spend in that area – including the Gardens by the Bay that had way too many sub-gardens and way too little shade. A piece of advice: do not forget sunscreen. Parading around the area sparked a teeny desire to try my hand at landscaping my own garden. Coming home though killed that dream easily – tending to overbearing plants and the insects that come with is not for me. I’m glad I established that early on. But looking at beautifully tended ones – ones that require nothing but observance and admiration – is rather relaxing. With a can of Sprite, even better. Marina is basically like a bigger, stretched out Ion Mall, only it has Chanel and a few other brands that Ion should probably add to their roster. It was fun (window) shopping and shop-watching (watching other people spend). Somehow, seeing other people spend makes me feel like I too am maxing out my credit card. Weird, I know, but a gentle reminder not to splurge is always good.

Anyway, here are some photos for your viewing pleasure – from plants to Louis Vuitton, I’ve got you Marina-covered.

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