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The day I bought this slip dress I was considering buying a very trendy pair of shoes instead. Two of the friends I was with kept insisting to get the shoes but I guess if you fall in love with a piece, even if you have to defend it to people (or sneak behind their backs all the way to the cashier), you have to listen to instinct. This slip dress from Zara is pretty basic but I knew from the moment I saw it that it’d be something I’d throw on for absolutely everything. In the few weeks that its been in my closet I’ve already taken it to a plane ride, to run errands and get take out and to frolic beautiful spaces in.

I don’t think my love affair with it will end anytime soon. Not bad for a first purchase at the newly renovated Zara flagship in Powerplant, Rockwell. It was redesigned and relaunched a couple weeks back (photos below) and I’m so lucky to be one of the first few to have seen it. There were folks from the press, group tours of the two new floors and fashion sections and ample time to shop and be indecisive. I think I took more than 4 rounds and a lot of mirror-time before finally deciding. There’s another pair of shoes that I’m currently thinking of getting but I’ll think about it a little more. All I know is that this dress was a good choice but with Zara there’s a long list of those. I know I’ll keep coming back.


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