In the ‘battle’ between singers or dancers (c/o slam books and/or nosy friends), I would have to say – it depends. (Not helpful, I know.) Singers are great when you’re in the mood to be serenaded, although, if you’re anything like me I’m sure you’d really rather do singing and the belting out regardless of how often you actually hit the high notes (e.g. Demi Lovato’s Skyscaper). Dancers, on the other hand, are very interesting creatures – they’re amazing to drag at bars and events especially if you tend to flock towards the stage/dance floor. Sometimes though, those “Step Up” circles that form – where each person is dragged in the middle to freestyle – gets a little intimidating (but also, the most effective way to spot some Beyonce ass-shaking).

Still, I’ve always enjoyed dancing and watching dance concerts. I was only really part of my dance org for a short while but I fell in love with street nonetheless. And whenever they’d have concerts after I’d still head out to support and watch. Always leaving with some sort of regret – performing definitely outweighs just watching.

So when I found out Smart was holding their first ever Jump In dance competition I thought: 1) how come we didn’t have this during our time (?!) and 2) I’m so glad more and more people are supporting the dance community. Even if I’ve never met any of these dancers, I know for a fact that the time and dedication they put into coming up with a 5-minute routine is incomparable.

Dance Off Grand Finals July 15

The Jump In Grand Finals, happening today actually, will be at the SMART Araneta Coliseum. I suggest you head over there to support your friends & schools. If you’re not convinced just yet, watch this video and I’ll probably find you working your way to Cubao in no time. Tickets are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis. Gates open at 3PM so you better go early.


Also, did I mention that winners get over 4 million worth of prizes AND a chance to be official ambassadors of SMART?

 So I repeat: Why did we not have this during my time?

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