Coz I really like this outfit I wore for the shoot in Pampanga, I shall share it with you. Here’s one of the “sneak peeks” I was telling you about. 😉 Bts photos to follow. 🙂

Clothes: Vest and Skirt from La Dame

This was the outfit I wore for the “Tea Party” set that was uber fun and fattening since there were marshmallows and cereal all around and I just kept eating. during. the. shoot. Im actually afraid that all the pictures would  show me stuffing my face with sugary goodness. haha Anyway, the clothes are from my friends Nico and Potch’s line, La Dame. Will show you more when I can. 🙂

ALSO. here is a sample from the shoot. The shoot was actually for Sunny Heights, an umbrella brand of 4 different clothing brands. Again, will talk more about it in my BTS post. 🙂 just got really excited that some shots were released. haha here it is. 🙂

so whatchathink? 😉