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Had I not been about 97% self-aware, this velvet kimono purchase would’ve gone to waste like half of the items in my closet. Luckily, I know it always turns out for the best when I’m extremely drawn to certain pieces and, not to brag, but I also know how to make everything cost-effective or, at least, minimize cost-per-wear to make sure my cash-out is justified in my constantly calculating head.

Fast forward months later and this velvet kimono from Topshop has seen a whole lot of cities and gotten an enviable amount of airtime. So much so that I’ve been refusing to blog about it for the longest time lest we bump into each other and you judge me for an abysmal second. But now I’m coming clean because I trust you and also because I took some fun snaps at a small arcade recently using my new favorite toy – a disposable camera. It’s been a while since I used one so it was a little tricky with each click ensuing crossed fingers that the shots develop okay.

I evidently have to master my open-mouth pose because it’s always either an okay hit or an epic miss. Nevermind, I had fun trying to shoot both hoops and zombies. Games are always so rewarding.