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Some people tend to have a misconception that bloggers get everything for free. If that were true, my life would be much easier and my bank account much better, not to mention my meals much more constant and gourmet. Though we admittedly get some items as gifts, new product releases get us excited just as much as the next person, maybe even more, so we stillĀ need to save to get the things we eye. We just tend to be a lot more digitally vocal aboutĀ their acquisition.

When MAC Cosmetics partnered with artists Isabel and Ruben Toledo a couple months back, my list got longer. (And trust me, my beauty want list is long enough.) The couple’s famous vibrant style was translated into eye-catching hues and highly pigmented shades. Think: eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara in electric greens and vivid purples and lipstick and lip glass options in degrees of red, not to mention polygonal compacts. I was personally torn between the green eye products (both shadow and liner) and the darkest lip shade close to a deep violet, Sin. In the end, the voice of reason (aka my budget) had its way as lip products are cheaper than their eye counterparts and I bought Sin in its glossy form.

Lesson learned: gloss is not as tightly pigmented as a stick. In layman’s terms, gloss is more translucent and won’t give you full color coverage like a normal MAC lipstick would. Still, my lips are very chapped and a dark matte would only highlight the dryness. My solution for a color-packed punch: a coat of any dark lipstick and an aftercoat of the lip glass.

Shot the look in a background of trailing pink bougainvilleas. Couldn’t have chosen a better spot.

Photos by Elisa Aquino