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There’s something about Valentine’s that calls to mind Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe – extravagant, billowing and ballooning dresses. The closest I had in my wardrobe was this impulse buy that’s been in my closet for more than a year now but I’ve never gotten to wear out. I did a post on it before but it hasn’t seen the light of day and hasn’t left home ’til yesterday.

Spent Valentine’s at a quaint restaurant in Tagaytay, Marcia Adams Tuscany, a forever favorite for its gorgeous interiors. There’s always a corner to pose in though I think I might already have exhausted the place (see here and here.) My foresight didn’t quite extend to the meal as I completely disregarded that I pre-ordered steak and this dress literally had no breathing room I had to sneakily pull down my zipper to accommodate lbs. of meat. I should’ve taken a jacket (or any article of clothing that resembles a blanket) with me so I could have happily unzipped my way through lunch. Instead, I had to sit up straight and make sure my dress didn’t burst.

The accessories were a lot less low maintenance, thank God. This clutch came with my set of Happy Skin lip sticks and I figured I’ll make good use of it well beyond its role as just a lipstick case. It had little room though, only allowing my choice of Style Icon hue and my Smart iPhone 6 in it. No space for wallets and much else but this is one of those days I know my wallet isn’t necessary. Sorry, Destiny’s Child, all the women who’re independent didn’t include me yesterday.

Another low maintenance choice was my set of temporary tattoos on my fingers. I love wearing rings but I swear I lose at least one each time I go out. With size 4 fingers it’s difficult to find ones that fit and I often resort to buying looser ones, only to actually lose them later on. Shoutout to Lulu DK Tattoos for this metallic option that allowed me to move my fingers freely (if not my torso.)

This dress will probably never be worn again unless I lose about two full inches off my waist. And since that isn’t gonna happen and I am not sacrificing good food over good photos, it’ll probably be given to a skinnier cousin. Luckily, Valentine’s is only once a year and the pressure to don prom dresses (or anything that resembles it) is reserved for that occasion alone.

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