Lemme share a quick post of the outfit I wore to last Thursday’s shoot under mentor Luis Espiritu. Fine, I’ll share what went down as well.  Had two shoots that day, one was for a menswear brand and the other for women’s bags. Again, can’t tell you what it was for yet.  I didn’t know that the shoot was at 8AM, so I woke up at 8, expecting the shoot to be at 9:30 again. So when I called my co-apprentice and found out that they were already there, I. freaked. out. Seriously. To the point that my breakfast – awesome spring rolls- were tucked hastily into a tiny tupperware and were devoured by me while driving. Tsk tsk. Felt so bad I was late. hayayay. I promise to be an early bird next time. The shoot took 13 hours. For real. and I was in heels the whole time.  Despite my aching feet, I had to suck it up. Ah, the price one pays to look good. haha

While on break, we took quick snaps of our nerdy outfits. Here’s mine. 🙂

Polo,Vintage; Shorts, H&M; Belt, Forever21; Heels, Charles & Keith; Bag, China

and here’s a pic of my mentor, stylist Luis Espiritu

top, Eairth; printed patchwork pants, Al Devinco; scarf,  Zara;
glasses, Firma; shoes, Opening Ceremony

Pictures from Luis’ blog. if you want to see the rest of the team, check out Luis’ post here. 🙂

Or better yet, follow Luis’ blog! I personally would like to hear what Luis has to say.  A person who’s been in the industry for 20 years definitely has a lot of insight. He’s such a nice and sweet guy to boot. <3  (remember I told you about him already in this post?) Can’t wait to do more shoots with him! 🙂