Decided to take the animal print literally coz regular animal prints are way too mainstream. chos! (this is all the explanation I’m giving for the title. kthanksbye.)

Top, PENSHOPPE | Horse printed skirt, APPLERUST | Sunglasses, FOREVER21 |  Heels, ALDO | Bobbie pins, GOODY

Photos by Dan Concepcion 🙂

This was taken during my midterm week (last week). I’m glad that’s over! Actually, a lot of things are over/on hold. Exams are done for the meantime, Postura’s done (although that was really never mine but it did eat up some of my time), and Platform’s done (I MISS IT),  so now I have time to do other things. SoFA’s almost done now too. I only have a month left of school. And geez, I’m scared! It feels like grad all over again (although this time there’s no ‘grad’- just that lingering sense of doom from having to enter the ‘real world.’)

What I’ll be doing come May I still have no clue. Discover it with me?

p.s. How do you like that horse printed skirt? I got it for Php200 😉