Pleated top, GENESIS ALCANTARA | Shorts, TOPSHOP | Pumps, CMG | Bag, FORME | Bobbie pin, GOODY

Wore this to this year’s Preview Best Dressed Ball. Yes, it was a ball and yes, I was wearing shorts. In my fabric-less defense, the theme was athletic chic. So unlike last year’s ball where almost everyone was in gowns, people could actually get away with more casual looks this time. (Thank God.)

Athletic chic. SUCH a challenging theme coz 1) I don’t have any sport and 2) I’m not really a fan of any particular sport. If you ask me what I was dressed up as, I’d probably say 1) a runner or 2) a volleyball player – whichever I think I could defend more- even if my defense consists of but one answer – ┬ábecause of the cyclings/extra short shorts. (duh).

Anyhoo. This top, although not very athletic, I knew I just had to wear. It’s by a good friend of mine, Genesis Alcantara, and I’ve loved it ever since the first time I laid eyes…on his sketch. Kept the focus on the top – with its pleats and its beautifully draped asymmetrical hem. Accessories were a no-show and kept my hair simple with just a lone bobbie pin – perfect for that twisted tendril.

LOVED this year’s roster of Best Dressed women. Post on it soon.