It’s been a really long time since my body has seen the likes of a polo shirt. One buttoned up even longer. Maybe it’s all the schoolgirl editorials sprouting that made me want to grab one or just a newfound penchant for trying looks outside of my (black) comfort zone. I didn’t stray too far off the path at first grabbing a pink polo from ForMe. Pink calms me and is the perfect color to make all my looks seem cohesive somehow. Blame it on the girly-girl stereotype I’m embracing a little too much.

The next time I stepped in the store though I couldn’t resist grabbing a bunch of pieces – this blue polka dotted shirt included. I planned on going all-out school girl but the supposed sweater to go over it just didn’t feel right last minute so I willingly ditched it and kept the look pure. Buttoned it all the way up for a different look but one I’m embracing nonetheless.

If I’m the only one feeling the prepster influence it might just be spawned by some unshared throwback. Days of the week are a blur to me and more and more #TBT opportunities are becoming elusive. I know, I know. I should really set alarms for important things like #TBTs. I kid – my alarm times are sometimes warranted by far less. But if I’m not the only one, then the road to prep and the schoolgirl trends are upon us and should therefore be met with the proper arsenal: an array of plaid skirts, knee high socks, blazers and a collection of collared polo shirts in every color of the rainbow (and even more.)

My choice just happens to be a ROYGBIV staple with a generous amount of polka dots. Not necessary, but #winning. Hearts on the shirt are the Beyonce to my Taylor Swift (VMA reference – watch if you haven’t). Both prints are fortunately available at ForMe.

Polka dot polo and floral denim shorts, FORME | Slides, NIKE | Watch, SPERRY TOPSIDER | Sunglasses, RAYBAN