Hello loves! It’s September already, and that only means one thing. Halloween’s near! HAHA (sabaw.) Seriously speaking though, I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas again! time really does fly. oh well. Oh, my post has nothing to do with Christmas, just so you know. Well it doesnt have much to do with time either. haha I just wanted to share what I’ve been up to last month. 😉 So here are a couple of features that made me extremely happy and grateful. 🙂

Look, it’s a feature on the SoFA grad show. <3 I found out about this because Danika tweeted that we were in the newspaper. so I made my mom get a copy. HAHA well, I’m sure you all know the pretty girls I was lucky enough to be with in the picture – Danika Navarro and Patricia Prieto. <3

Thank you so much to Ms. Marina Benipayo for including us in your article. I got shy to talk to her, coz well, she’s a supermodel! But thank you so much. <3 Hope I get to join your class soon. 🙂 The online article is here if you want to read the whole thing. 😉

Oh, and last August 22, I was so kilig and happy to find out that I was the chosen best dressed reader of the day! coz, duh! that’s teen vogue! <3 thank you sooo much to Teen Vogue for including me in the section and for tweeting me. (yes, got toooo giddy when they tweeted. teehee. These are the things that make my day. So if you wanna make my day, you can also tweet me @alyssalapid 😉 ) haha

Here’s the link if you want to see it for yourself. 🙂

and let me end this post with a sneak peak of a shoot we had last month. 😉 It will come out soon…I think. I’ll keep you updated though, I promise. 😉 anyhoo, goodnight everyone. 🙂