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If there’s an LBD you should wear to all your first dates, this would be it. Then you can proceed to reveal your Birkenstock-wearing self by the second date when they’re already hooked. Your dates wouldn’t know what hit them.

Seriously though. I usually veer away from anything body-hugging but this dress has one of the most flattering cuts I’ve ever worn. This dress, the second look from my collaboration with designer Teena Sabrina Tan where I shot and interpreted her designs all over Vietnam, was shot in the beautiful city of Mui Ne that houses the famous Sand Dunes. It was taken by Mui Ne’s shores which overlooks the South China Sea. A beautiful dress fit for a beautiful place – the moment made even more special by watching waves splash against the rocks. If I had to go back to Vietnam, I’d probably spend the whole trip in this area, staying by the shore as long as I can. The beach wasn’t exactly for swimming – the waves get pretty intense – but there are such breathtaking resorts along the stretch of the water that you’re still assured a beautiful summer experience, saltwater or no saltwater.

Relishing the last days of summer with memories of my trip because June has just arrived which isn’t a terrible thing in my book because June also marks my birth month (and today my birthday.)

So here I am, blogging one of my favorite shoots from one of my favorite trips on my birthday while sipping some white wine. Life is good. Birkenstock-wearing self to be revealed again soon.