As a testament to recent entry’s fairy tale/excuse, here are a few pictures of some of the things I’ve been up to lately. A majority of which have been left undocumented due to a bunch of factors, mostly my phone dying on me. (I know. Bad phone. It should’ve charged itself.)
Here are some of the more memorable events: a) a quick #selfie of a recent shoot outfit (items from Oxygen), b) My first (co)styled (note: international – Dubai) cover – Yipee! Let’s both grab a copy of Illustrado magazine’s March-April issue, yes? c) Steak at Antonio’s. So. So. Amazing. Also, not diet-friendly.
A whole slew of photos from G-Star Raw’s event/launch where my whole team was present. (I probably should talk more about my work/team, huh? Okay. Soon.) a) expensive but interesting denim. I’d wear those yellow jeans. b) SINYMA performing. c) ummm. more denim?
Now, a strip of some of the things that get me going: a) one (of a hundred, really) “positivity” quote. b) the idea of summer just around the corner. Although, it is getting harder and harder to get that beach body. (see: steak photo above). c) a random heart wall I saw last Valentine’s – a reminder that I too must fix my dream wall.
Lastly, a strip of things that make me happy: a) high fashion crossing over to streetwear in the form of this Sassa Jimenez x THE collaboration top. b) Confetti-bombed wine, rendering it undrinkable yet highly photographable. c) a whole slew of items I got for myself (all from Oxygen). fyi, I am a stress-shopper/eater. Also a stress-crier.
Been jumping in and out of events/meetings/unintentionally crazy sessions recently. Stay tuned via Instagram (@alyssalapid) for real-time updates.) And stay tuned here – more posts to come. 😉