Late post of Stylebible’s Blogger Challenge feature two weeks ago. The trend was maxi skirts and here’s the feature. 🙂

What made you try this trend?
I adore everything short—mini skirts, short shorts and dresses—so at first, I was really hesitant to try wearing a maxi skirt. I felt like it would drown out my tiny frame and it would be unflattering. Since I started blogging though, I promised myself that I’d try new looks, so I got myself a maxi despite the hesitation.

How do you build your outfit around it?
Start with the skirt then look for a top to pair it with. If you want to put emphasis on the skirt, try wearing a more neutral top and accessories.

How do you style it to make the look your own?
My style is, more often than not, a combination of sexy and feminine. So I kept it sexy by pairing it with a cropped corset, showing a hint of skin. I also balanced it out and kept it feminine by using pink lipstick, a pink bag and pearls.

How do you balance your look to avoid making it look over-the-top?
I personally think it’s all about balancing skin exposure. If you want to avoid looking too conservative, try pairing it with a sleeveless top. Also, it’s best to highlight the skirt, so if the skirt is already printed, try opting for a plain top.

How do you accessorize the maxi skirt trend?
You can accessorize it by wearing belts—they not only highlight the skirt, they also highlight your frame. Also, necklaces and bracelets would be good complements too.

Can you give tips on how to wear this trend?
If you’re petite like me, you can try going for high waist maxi skirts. They easily help you maintain your curves. Also, the best kinds of maxi skirts for me are the loose ones. They are more feminine and fun, and they are better for summer. I would also recommend getting a sheer maxi skirt, I’ve also been on the lookout for the perfect one.

How would you wear it during the day, night, to the beach, to a party, to work, etc.?
Maxi skirts are perfect for the beach, I paired mine with my strapless bikini top. At night, I wore a black sleeveless top and belted my skirt. You can also wear this trend at work by pairing it with a sleeveless top and wearing a blazer over it. After work you can lose the blazer, amp up the make-up and accessories and you’re good to party.

Alyssa wore a denim corset from Topshop, a vintage maxi skirt with heels from H&M and accessories from Forever 21.

Other bloggers featured were Angela Nepomuceno, Joanna Ladrido, Lexi Gancayco, Noelle Chantal, and my friend Reg Rodriguez 🙂 Check out the feature here. 🙂

Thanks to Jacque and StyleBible for this. 🙂