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Watching X-Men demands some sort of restraint. The kind that warrants not going all fan-girl by either wearing my geeky X-Men t-shirt to the cinema or revealing my chunk of gray hair a la Rogue I keep safely tucked well under my curls (#truestory). A part of me wishes I went through with both options just to match my geeky, excited smile throughout the movie. X-Men, plus a whole lot of J.Law plus a huge bucket of popcorn locked the smile in place.

In other news, 90s influences are still inspiring my day to day looks trading heels for Birks and constantly scouring my mom’s closet for finds (like this skirt). Celebrated my birthday recently (I know I can’t shut up about it) so I’m taking back to the 90s full force. I’d want to say that it’s because I’m reminiscing my childhood but I’m not. It’s just that I forgot how effortless dressing up was back then.

Mom jeans are up next. I’m looking for the perfect fit in the perfect fabric. Growing up apparently means forgoing cheap thrills for better quality items. If comfortable clothing is a by-product of aging, I ain’t complaining.

Top, ASOS | skirt, vintage | Bag, LOUIS VUITTON | Sandals, BIRKENSTOCK