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Snaps of a recent outfit I wore on a day when thinking wasn’t an option. Black makes life (especially that of a gemini’s) so much easier. Although, there are times when I have to remind myself that lack of color does not equate to 1) the wearer’s lack of a personality and 2) depression. It’s pretty obvious, I agree, but when you are in a room full of neon-clad folks you tend to wonder. Then again, that’s probably just me. Hence, a pathetic attempt to comfort myself and my perpetual ebony-obession.

Color was a no-brainer in this outfit and so were the elements. Ankle boots? Aviators? Some sort of comfortable bottom? Sta-ples. A normal black button-down would’ve been too but I felt like the asymmetrical hem of this particular one from ForMe was a subtle yet sweet surprise. And I’m all about surprises.

Including springing these somewhat over-exposed photos on you! Yes, that was a surprise. It probably¬†wasn’t as good (nor as noticeable) as surprises generally should be. But since my extravagant surprise-throwing capabilities are limited, bear with my meager attempts at spontaneity – necessary to prove my earlier contention that black need not mean boring and that, therefore, I am not boring.

…and I probably convinced absolutely no one.

Button down, FORME | Leggings, FOREVER21 | Boots, ALDO | Bag, COACH | Sunglasses, RAY-BAN