I don’t know if you noticed, but last semester we had this thing called Fashion Thursdays where everyone had to dress up according to a certain trend/designer/theme. This sem they changed it to Fashion Fridays, probably because there’s higher foot traffic during Fridays. So if it’s usually Casual Fridays for you, for us, it’s Fashown Fridays. =))

We were supposed to have our Color-Blocking theme 2 Fridays ago but since classes were suspended, we moved it back a week. 🙂

I’m not sure if my outfit can be considered “color-blocked”. Still, we took outfit shots. hahaha

Photos taken by Tippy Sy. Thank you, love! <3

only my friends can make me laugh. <3

Look! This gorgeous necklace was made by my friend, Rocky de Castro. I bought this and an earring (yes, it’s a single earring, I’ll show you pics next time) and I super love them. I’ve been wearing them everyday since I got them last week. The earring is only Php150 and the necklace costs Php250. Super steal! So order one now! Check out her other colors here. 🙂

Photos taken by Patricia Prieto. (and I got the next few pics from her blog too. teehee) Thank you, babe! <3

Clothes: Sweater, Forever21; Pants, Applerust; Shoes, Aldo; Necklace, Rocky de Castro

Wanna see what my friends wore? Here you go! 🙂

the gorgeous Patricia Prieto doing her model tricks 🙂 btw, grab a copy of this month’s issue of Sense & Style (Kryz is there too!) and Candy Magazine. Patricia’s featured! 🙂 (grab a copy of Status Magazine too, I’m there. hahahaha)

Here’s pretty girl Danika Navarro having fun and being all girly. 🙂  I wish I could look like that when I smile! haha Her store Nava is on sale so make sure you drop by!!!

and last but definitely NOT least, pretty girl Tippy Sy. She out-fierced us all with that “I whip my hair back & forth” look, dont ya think?.I suggest you check out her page and take a look at her Re-think entry. She’s so artistic! Good luck babe! hope they “Pick you”! 😀

That’s all folks. Color-blocked or not, we definitely had fun. 🙂