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Maybe the holiday season is getting to me and I’m feeling extra festive. Or maybe it was the road to my new #SmartiPhone5c that got me dressing up like Christmas lights decked out in high shine. It wasn’t necessarily a smart move (pun totally intended) as walking along Makati with a bare midriff and other bare parts doesn’t necessarily translate to the most comfortable commute. Even worse is a trip to a dress-coded corporation in said outfit. Still, I worked my way up (including my zipper) and didn’t let stares dampen my otherwise excited mood.

And as I ended up leaving with a gorgeous new iPhone5c from Smart, the shine just seemed to make sense – like I deserved blasted confetti fit for a debutant. I’ve never really been the type to get phones right when they’re released. I don’t switch that often either so imagine my delight to be one of the first few people to get to try this amazing new phone by the most awesome carrier.

For real though, I love it. It’s so highlighter pink that’s kind of opposite what I try to dress up as – muted and blush pinks are absolutely preferred – but at the same time it’s kind of obnoxiously unforgiving and I like it like that. In a really superficial way, I’m already thinking of outfits to match. Full disclosure: my mom suggested pink and used my new pink shoes as her only supporting point. I immediately conceded. Even nail polish bottles out of the pink color family are thrown out of sight for absolute color-coordination.

I do realize, that displaying something so pink with an outfit as such probably doesn’t make much sense aesthetically but excitement does not need to make sense and I wanted to share the news with you the moment it happened.

In other more functional news, I realized, after much deliberation on whether I can do a Katniss and live in a cornucopia devoid of any form of relevant communication other than a literal killer look, I seriously can’t be without a phone. (Again I disclose, this realization came about as camping trips were suggested but in my no-hike, no-climb, no-outdoor-world, camping is synonymous to The Reaping.) I work online most of the time (I handle social media of a company) and, well, you guys know blogging is handicapped without decent internet. Also, my whatsapp is blasted literally every 5 minutes that I find myself stopping in panic when certain people’s names are prompted on my screen (mostly bosses’). Very, very happy that  I get to upgrade my phone to meet the demands of my job and also of my wandering brain allowing me to get visually inspired via Instagram, blog-surfing and a long list of non-sensical but awfully entertaining stuff thanks to my lighting-fast internet. The camera is also so much better that I don’t necessarily need to hide imperfect shots under heavy doses of filters just to normalize them (a result that never happens anyway).

Anyway, enough of my giddiness over a new gadget spilled on to my screen. Next post will be excitement over Christmas which is kind of surprising to me since my house has no decorations yet whatsoever. Still, I find myself typing this in a velvet dress with a shiny red beanie over my head and I just know the kid in me just wants to sip hot chocolate and sing by the Christmas tree.

But until I have one, I’ll just dress the part.

Jacket, H&M | Crop top, TOPSHOP | Skirt, FOREVER21 | Heels, NINE WEST