Back in the day when glasses weren’t a fashion statement but a mere indication of one’s impaired sense of sight, they elicited jabs in the form of “four eyes” cat-calling and maybe a few meaner tricks like hiding one’s glasses and letting the visually challenged search for his/her pair. Fortunately for me I didn’t have to wear glasses at such a young age – not that I was let off the hook, I got cat-called other things (like every other person who went through puberty). Still, I found myself weirdly attracted to the idea of being able to wear eyeglasses that I was so excited to have finally been given prescription glasses by high school.

Truthfully, now, I dread the prospect of going to an eye doctor and having my eyes checked coz my sight is getting worse by the month. Blame it on reading in bed, burying my face in my laptop and other things you aren’t supposed to do but I do diligently nonetheless. Luckily, eyeglasses are so trendy now that everyone seems to be wearing them, therefore stroking my fears away in the form of unsolicited (literal) blinding companionship.

So, I’ve learned to look each doctor’s visit right in the eye (metaphorically and again, literally) and look forward to a fun eyeglasses shopping trip post check-up. I can’t recall how many pairs I’ve owned and lost – my favorites have always been wide frames in different colors. So when I came across Four Eyes, the first ever online optical shop in Asia that sells eyeglasses and sunglasses in multiple shapes, sizes and colors, I fell in love. My personal pick was a tortoise shell wide frame one. But it was honestly so difficult trying to choose my mom got annoyed that I kept asking her opinion. It didn’t help that I’m a Gemini and naturally indecisive either.

Now, I will let you experience the confusion for yourself as Four Eyes and I are giving away a FREE pair of either eyeglasses or sunglasses (your choice, not mine; prescription or not) and TEN discount vouchers so the rest of you can shop.

For that you need to:

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4. Choose the pair that you want from their site¬†and post it on your Instagram saying “I want to win this pair from @foureyesph and @alyssalapid on alyssalapidcom. Choose your own pair at! #alyssalapidgiveaways #foureyesph”

What I love about this brand is that one, the products are awesome; two, they have a home try-on option where you’ll get shipped 3 pairs of your choice for 5 days for the benefit of being able to figure out which frame you like most (shipping back is free); and three, for each eyewear purchased they donate a pair of prescription glasses to a person in need. Stylish and philanthropic, can’t beat that.

I also forecast a lot more selfies should you win so what are you waiting for?