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My hair has a life of its own. There are times the curls fall just right and I can wear them down all day. Most of the time though I see it as a giant ball of frizz beyond my control.

It’s partly my fault, I guess. It’s so low maintenance I don’t even wait for it to dry. Air-drying happens before others’ very eyes and the transformation from semi-decent to fully-scandalizing is palpable and happens more frequently than I care to admit.

Hopefully not anymore. I recently just signed with an amazing brand, Matrix (America’s #1 salon brand to be exact), as one of their brand ambassadors and not only do I get to try out Matrix’ best sellers like their hair colors, rebonds and other treatments, I also get to use their hair care line Biolage. I’m currently religiously using their shampoo, conditioner, treatment and Exquisite Oil. For someone who doesn’t take care of her hair (I don’t even condition regularly), I’m seeing the difference between off-the-shelf products and professional care.

I even insisted on bringing my products to a trip despite a mere 30-pound luggage allowance. Luckily, I didn’t have to charm any officer. My charm seems to run dry the moment I step into airports (mimicking my face and body that are unfortunately also rather flaky come check in. There’s something about knowing I lack lotion in my hand carry that automatically sucks the moisture out of my body.) But not my hair.¬†Finally, my tresses are saved.

I’m praying it’s on the road to Hollywood glam (read: sheen and bounce) but I won’t hold my breath. Only Kim K has a 24/7 on call hair stylist.