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For a brand called Holy Skull, my photos in collaboration with photographer Elisa Aquino turned out to be anything but edgy. Flowers, pinks, and a whole lot of saccharine made their way into our shots. One piece swimsuits usually run the risk of being too modest or outdated style-wise, but swimwear label Holy Skull’s prints always keep things interesting – whether via Ariel- the Little Mermaid- being eaten by a shark, paisley skulls or Star Wars. I really enjoyed the one-piece swimsuit break. The truth is it’s difficult to breathe normally in a two-piece bikini. It’s like you always have to suck in and inhale half the oxygen of the earth. And you’re bound to eat at some point so that makes things even trickier. As I’ve learned the hard way, abs don’t grow overnight. Nor do they show up in three months with a side of burgers and fries. It takes hard work and dedication and I have neither.

Anyway, let’s talk about something less depressing: actual clothes. Bloggers United 9, the bi-annual bazaar us bloggers do where we sell some pre-loved pieces, is around the corner and I’d like to invite you to drop by and shop our items for the cheapest of prices on June 6 at Whitespace Manila. Even I like buying from other bloggers’ booths and I’ve already shopped the closets of so many other blogger friends. Trust me, bloggers have the best wardrobes and you won’t leave empty-handed.

I am giving away 20 free passes – 2 passes each to 10 lucky people AND I’m throwing in GCs from Jennyfer (worth Php1000) and Debenhams (worth Php1000) to one lucky winner. You can join via Twitter or via Instagram. My mechanics get easier the longer we do this giveaway thing so I promise you this won’t take long.


1. Follow @alyssalapid on Instagram 

2. On my BU Individual poster to be posted on Instagram (sample below), let me know why you wanna go, what you wanna buy or what you want to ask me if there is any (answer any or all, up to you, really).

3. Tag your plus one in your comment and have your plus one follow my @alyssalapid account as well.

On Twitter:

1. Follow @alyssalapid.

2. Tweet this blog post’s link and use the hashtag #BU9XSmart and what you want to shop.

Note: No flooding, please. One tweet is enough.

See you there!

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