Bras, nightgowns, even panties – mostly lace–  have all guised as outerwear. In turn, we’ve all given a nod at the woman’s bravery, some the occasional scowl – this mostly coming from the conservative Titas and Lolas. The peak of this ‘Innerwear as Outerwear’ trend – I blame Fifty Shades – has lasted long enough for us to see more lingerie variants than we can comprehend.

I haven’t been seeing much of the opposite though where instead of making bras passable as tops, tops are made to look like bras. While the innerwear as outerwear trend was abused by yours truly as a lifetime proponent of peek-a-boo everything, outerwear as innerwear seems to be a lot more interesting. It should come as no surprise then how easily I fell in love with this ForMe dress. I knew I was going to have a lot of fun parading around in what looks like a nightgown with its silky lace detail and sheer overlay. Plus points for the illusion of being a skimpy little thing without actually being skimpy and more importantly – not body-skimming.

It was just fitting, I think, to don this dress during the opening of SM Aura to celebrate the moment I would be within feet away from Sarah Jessica Parker. I’m probably pushing it by saying this, but what better way to commemorate the iconic Carrie Bradshaw than by wearing something so suggestive of the very act she embodied and talked about 80% of the time in her show?

And because she is Carrie Bradshaw – the gravity of that statement probably lost in this post – I wanted to immortalize the moment by taking a video of her entrance. And in a very un-Carrie move, I brought out the iPad I’ve been eyeing (not mine, borrowed. Sort of giving it a test run before the actual purchase) and took a video of her (well mostly her upper 1/3 area, the view was blocked by way too many gadgets.) Here’s the quick video – next time I post a video though it’ll be properly taken and edited.


While falling in love with Sarah (for the nth time), I was also falling in love with my gadget. Smart just released their plans for the iPad Mini and the one with retina display. I’m leaning towards the data plan mostly because relying on wifi alone probably won’t be enough to match my forecasted usage. Check out the options and the gadget themselves. Maybe even try to take your own video?


Next on my agenda is learning basic video editing.

Here’s lesson number 1: Apparently, youtube (and almost all players actually) likes horizontally shot frames. I did not think of that. But when you test run the gadget,  for your own sake, follow the youtube way.

Dress, FORME | Boots, ALDO | Bag, MARGIELA for H&M