Yesterday’s highlights include 1) asking Kylie Jenner a question and 2) professing my love for the Kardashians…in front of everyone.

Well, through someone else.

Human Genes held a press con yesterday to introduce their newest endorsers Kylie Jenner and Rob Kardashian. (For bells that aren’t going off just yet, they’re from Keeping Up with the Kardashians.) Controlling my being a fan-girl was ineffectual, really – the moment they walked out marking the beginning of a smile too wide it turned painful.

The interview was a joy to watch, with interviewer Ginger Conejero entertaining all of us with her quick-wit and humor. Not to mention the siblings being equally entertaining themselves.

Down-to-earth as their viewers have known them to be, they prefer jeans, casual shirts, and, well, for Rob, sweatpants all the way. Also, as someone who had two huge band-aid squares on my ankles to avoid both calluses and scrapes from my heel straps, I fell in love with the fact that neither of them are high heel fans. (Must take a cue from them and toss my heels out. Or maybe just the heaps of painful pairs I own.)

Sharing a few excerpts from the press con you might be interested to know: 1) Rob saying that their being relatable as a family is what makes them loved by their viewers 2) Rob exclaiming that the Filipinos are fashion-forward (a personal favorite!) 3) them sharing the things they are up to: Rob working on a clothing line and a sock line, Kylie working on a book and a clothing line with Kendall 4) how they are big fans of Human – with Rob apparently literally hoarding the pants & Kylie exclaiming “I think Human’s amazing, [I] love everything so far.”

And now, my favorite part – my own question for Kylie, through Ginger. Here go both question and answer.

Alyssa’s question: You have mostly been doing catwalks, editorials, endorsements with your sisters, most especially Kendall. What does it mean for you to be endorsing Human separate from her?”

Kylie: “I think it’s great! My sister’s going to Australia actually, and now she’s gonna do her own thing. I love working with her. But it’s just fun and a great experience to do stuff on your own and I think everyone should do stuff apart from their sisters. It’s great. I’ve been growing. I can grow and learn from this.”

Being able to have someone you watch, someone you are a fan of, answer a question by you is amazing. I’m this miniscule being but my questions are heard. It’s awesome. So yeah, definitely a highlight.

Oh about the other highlight – well, the question sort of had a “p.s. I’m a fan” added to it – voiced out by Ginger (to the audience comprised of journalists/bloggers – serious folks) in a way I would’ve done – shyly yet giddily, in a squeal ending with a giggle.

She nailed it.

Congratulations, Human Genes, Ben Chan and Lawrence Cua! You guys have done it again. Til the next!