Shirt, OXYGEN | Skirt, FOREVER21 | Boots, OLD NAVY 

Wore this outfit to a styling gig. I adore this top from Oxygen-  I felt so free in it unlike most cropped tops that make you extremely conscious about showing your belly. Also, I love how you can pair it with absolutely anything.

Speaking of Oxygen, here are some of my favorite looks from their recent PFW Oxygen Holiday 2012 show. I know I’ve mentioned this in a previous post but lemme share what I like about their most recent Mod-inspired collection.

Oxygen took a different route by fusing in colors such as tangerines, navy blues, & wines, offering styles like peplums & palazzos and painting different moods with eye-catching cosmic, geometric – even monkey- prints. But despite offering unexpected pieces and hues – the collection stayed very true to Oxygen’s image – clean, easy-to-wear &  youthful with a hint of androgyny.

To me, Oxygen can do no wrong. Really. The show was very well-styled; the pieces were beautiful.  I found myself saying “I want that” every so often. I am definitely looking forward to visiting their stores. My favorite pieces would be the pants (those wine palazzos and tangerine jeans), their draped cover-ups and sheer dresses. Even the pieces for men are to die for (aka, Imma get some of those boys’ stuff for myself). Congratulations to the Oxygen team for another amazing show. 🙂

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