I have discovered (much like the greats) a summer law/principle/truth: The more you bare, the more you breathe.

Okay. Fine. As much as I would like to own this Manila Summer theory putting me alongside the likes of Einstein and Newton, I refuse to experiment on myself – via testing & observing the effects of different garment lengths on different days with a highly likely risk of heat stroke, an extensive formation of freckles and different degrees & patterns of my most despised summer by-product: sunburn.

Still, I believe it has to be said to save the sweater/black-wearing population of Manila (i.e., me) and encourage them to change their ways, go out, wear less and be slightly happier/more comfortable. I have my wishy-washy ways to thank for – after tons of outfit changes – sticking to this outfit instead. The back of this Oxygen tank is cut out (more evident when untucked) while the shorts from Sabrina are exactly that – short. I could not possibly ask for more hubadera pieces.

So this summer, I highly suggest grabbing all peek-a-boo/short/sleeveless items you can find. (Although make sure you have something covered for church. That’s always a problem of mine.) 

Seriously. Next thing you know I’ll be sporting bikinis in populous places that have neither sand nor salt water. I am really hoping it doesn’t come to that but if you’ve tested this theory- and in bikinis no less – let me know. I might just follow suit.

Top, OXYGEN | Shorts, SABRINA | Bag from Cambodia 


(Also, in other more serious matters, I do not, can not, and will probably never understand why people do the evil things that they do. My heart goes out to Boston. Let’s pray for it?)