Frankly, “to wear or not to wear?” was the predominant question the day we drove off to Intramuros to be inspired.

Above statement probably didn’t make much sense so let me explain things further. Lovely Intramuros was our (rather far) destination to listen to a talk of interesting “game-changing” people. I can’t fit in two sentences who these people are nor what they’ve accomplished but I guess, to try, one, they are influential folks in the Philippines who try to change the way things are done and two, they are probably influential folks precisely because they try to change the way things are done. Does that make sense?

Anyway, felt very hesitant about adding on this hat mostly because it’s meant for a man’s head. So there was quite a long narcissistic staring contest between real-life Alyssa and mirror-image Alyssa where real-life Alyssa was pretty wary of mirror-image Alyssa’s look. In the end, real-life Alyssa was convinced to keep the hat on. Obviously.

Honestly, that whole day I ¬†thought I was channeling Tom Sawyer. The outfit (well the hat mostly) seemed very peasant-like despite the fact that my pointed pumps were very evidently metallic and my sling purse was all sequined. Upon further research (for this post) I realized it, in fact, wasn’t Tom Sawyer I was dressed like but Eponine from Les Miserables.

So signing off now to either 1) start belting out “On My Own” or 2) start crying Les Mis style.

Or, actually, knowing me, I’d probably do both.

Dress, H&M | Pointed pumps, RIVER ISLAND | Sling bag, NINE WEST via PURSE OF ALL | Beret, ALDO