The owl has landed. If you haven’t heard, I’m referring to the owl emblazoned on the newest polo shirt drops of Memo fashion and not an actual nocturnal creature. Nor myself. I don’t remember if they used it to tease me or if they were just matter-of-fact about this, but growing up, people would often refer to me as an owl. (On second thought, maybe people were being a$$holes). My eyes are pretty big, as you may have noticed, and my body clock has always¬†teetered¬†on the more nocturnal side. So when this collection came out – I kid you not – I felt a certain degree of familiarity. Don’t worry, it’s not sad. I love how huge my eyes are and make it a point to always highlight them when I put on makeup.

Polo shirts stay in an uncharted territory sartorially although I’ve had a few brushes with them growing up (and also here). I’ve always really liked how polos looked especially in the brightest of colors. In my eyes they mean business (don’t collars always mean business?) but, at the same time, are non-threatening because of how casual the shirt can get. A lot of people may think the shirts are reserved for work or for slightly more formal days out but I personally think they can be worn whenever. They can be casual, dressy, even boho (s/o to Ralph Lauren S/S 2105) and there’s a whole bunch of ways to wear them. So when Memo sent me the red and white owl polo, I took it upon myself to buy another one (in bright yellow, no less) and show you guys different ways to wear the shirts. The easiest way would be to pair them with all kinds of denim but you’re free to lean on the flirty side like I did with a lace mini skirt or mean business and go the office route with high waisted pants and pointed pumps.

Working on this editorial initially garnered a “You look different” comment but towards the end it elicited something much more complimentary. I’m sure you will be getting as many – if not more – compliments on these shirts. They are pretty cute on their own and styling them would be a lot of fun. On that note, I’m certain I’ll be using these two both to the office and to a Barcino night out.

I’m just being pretentious. Beer is equally welcome.

Polos and denim jacket from MEMO
Photos by Paul Mendoza